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New Teaching Fellows and a New Teaching Chair

Janay Nugent

Janay is an Associate Professor in the Department of history and began with the Teaching Centre as of July 1st, 2014. Her term will continue over two years ending June 30th, 2016.  Janay has spent the last ten years teaching at the UofL. In that time she has focused on improving her own teaching by: creating a comfortable learning environment for her students to learn, stimulating curiosity in her students though a flexible learning environment, and engaging students in new ways using technologies such as iClicker.

Although Janay is a new Teaching Fellow, she is no stranger to the Teaching Centre, and has participated in Talking About Teaching events such as “The Life Course of a Professor – Part II”, co-presented on the effectiveness of MA students in a peer tutoring program at Teaching Day 2013, and has also been involved with the Learning Environment Evaluation project, and the Green Chair Interviews produced here in the Teaching Centre. She is looking forward to working with the Teaching Centre, and plans to help new faculty and graduate students in a mentoring capacity, by aiding individuals in the development of their teaching skills and teaching philosophies. We look forward to Janay’s contributions during her term.

Anne Dymond

Anne is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts and focuses on teaching Art History here at the University of Lethbridge. During her 14 years teaching Art History Anne has discovered new teaching philosophies that work for her teaching, and benefit diverse student learners. By better understanding her students via formal course evaluations, and informal in-class feedback she discovered that an active learning approach in her classes could work even though, the primary teaching style for her area tends to be lecture based. Through better examination and awareness of her evaluations and student feedback, she was able to improve student learning and student perceptions of the course. Her improved course evaluations provide motivation to keep developing her course to improve teaching and learning effectiveness.

In the past, Anne has worked with the Teaching Centre by presenting at some of our Talking About Teaching events such as “Rejuvenating Your Teaching Drive”, and has also become involved with the Teaching Centre via a Teaching Development fund project. The project focuses on the effectiveness of gaming as a learning support. Durning her time as a Teaching Fellow Anne also hopes to focus on best practices for preventing plagiarism both at an individual level and as an institution. Anne is a welcome addition to the Teaching Centre team.

Sheila McManus

Congratulations to Sheila McManus on becoming the 2014-2016 Board of Governors Teaching Chair. It is great to see Sheila in this role, as she has been involved in the Teaching Centre since her appointment as a Teaching Fellow.  Since 2011 Sheila has helped develop and facilitate the Instructional Skills Workshops here at the UofL, creating a self-sustaining program to help faculty improve their teaching and build a broader community of passionate teachers.   She also created the [He]art of Teaching peer mentoring program in 2012. These are casual, confidential drop in sessions where faculty can talk to their peers about teaching.

We look forward to working with Sheila in her role Board of Governors Teaching Chair, and as the Chair of the Teaching Centre Advisory Council.  The main focus of her research will be on peer mentoring and building faculty teaching communities.  Her enthusiasm for improved teaching will add some great energy to our council and to our team here in the Teaching Centre. Sheila is very excited about working with her co-chair, 2013-2015 BOG Teaching Chair Harold Jansen and everyone on the Teaching Centre’s Advisory Council!