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Collaborating for Learning Conference

The University of Calgary invites you to present at its “Collaborating for Learning Conference”. Proposals are now welcomed until April 1, 2013.

In learning and in life, collaboration is often central to achieving the results we seek. When we reflect on our most satisfying and successful learning experiences, they frequently involve collaborations among and between students, professors, or people who support our learning or who have provided us with opportunities to learn by working on projects with them.

‘Collaborating for Learning’ focuses on the many ways faculty, students and disciplines collaborate to produce the meaningful learning we strive to foster in our students. The conference provides an opportunity for learning together in ways that allow us to enhance our practice, grow our research on how students learn, and build our community. Some of the themes include collaboration inside the classroom, outside the classroom, collaboration among the disciplines and collaboration in inquiry.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gary Poole, Associate Director of the School of Population and Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine and Senior Scholar in the Centre for Health Education Scholarship at the University of British Columbia.

Submitting a Proposal:  Further details and the proposal submission form can be found at http://tlc.ucalgary.ca/cflearn/
Questions:  Please go to the conference website http://tlc.ucalgary.ca/cflearn/ or email cflearn@ucalgary.ca.