Who is a postdoctoral fellow?

Postdoctoral fellows are administered through The School of Graduate Studies.  As registered trainees of the University of Lethbridge, the appointment is time limited, for a period of up to three years (renewable up to a maximum of five years). Postdoctoral appointments are viewed as preparatory for an academic or research career and involve full-time research and scholarship. The individual works under the supervision of a faculty mentor and often as part of a larger research team, and is encouraged and expected to publish the results of his or her independent research during the period of the appointment.

Our association 

The University of Lethbridge Postdoctoral Association (UPLA) represents postdoctoral fellows of ULeth. Since October 2015, our elected executive council has been working closely with the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), to represent all postdoctoral fellows equally, and advocate on their behalf. The executive council convenes monthly, allowing ULPA members to discuss concerns and brainstorm ideas to create positive changes and outcomes. 

Membership to ULPA is automatic for all current postdocs of ULeth. It puts you in touch with members of the research community across all departments, representing a powerful network for sharing knowledge, creating connections, and raising your profile. 

Members of the ULPA are encouraged to join the executive council and share your ideas and get involved in organizing our events. Express your interest and commitment to be involved by contacting us at ulpa@uleth.ca.

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