First call for nominations for CAPS executives

Dear Postdoctoral Scholars,
This is a call for nominations for the executive roles of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS), from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2015. Please circulate this call widely – any Canadian postdoc can run for these positions.
The available positions are:
Vice-Chair External
Vice-Chair Operations
Vice-Chair Communications
Vice-Chair Finance
Vice-Chair International
Descriptions of these positions (as approved by the CAPS executive – to be ratified by the membership) are included below.
If you wish to run for any of these positions, please respond by email to indicating:
Your name
Your email address
The institution where you work as a postdoc
The position you wish to run for
A short (< 250 words) candidate statement that will be distributed to voters
The deadline for nominations is May 17, 5pm Pacific Time.
Voting will take place during a two week period after nominations close. If you have any questions about this process please contact me at


any postdocs who is a) a Canadian citizen, or b) associated with a Canadian institution is considered to be a Canadian postdocs, and may run for CAPS executive positions.

Position Descriptions
The Chair has responsibility to ensure the continuity of the organization, that the mission and vision are acted on and that the constitution is upheld. The Chair shall serve as the official spokesperson for CAPS-ACSP and as such shall represent CAPS-ACSP to the media and to the federal and provincial governments and agencies. CAPS-ACSP representation to specific organizations or in specific contexts may be delegated to the Vice-Chair External or to a committee chair at the discretion of Chair with the support of the Executive Council. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all Working Committees and, in consultation with the Executive, is responsible for ensuring delegation of correspondence and issues to the appropriate Vice-Chair or committee chairs. The Chair shall not vote in regular meetings unless a tie needs to be broken.
Vice-Chair External 
The Vice-Chair External is responsible to work closely with the Chair to support and fulfil the mission and vision of CAPS-ACSP by advocating on postdoctoral issues. This includes initiating and leading projects such as the national postdoctoral survey, promoting national postdoctoral awareness week, and liaising with and supporting postdoctoral associations.
Vice-Chair Operations 
The Vice-Chair Operations ensures that all Executive Council meetings and the annual general and other special general meetings are recorded as minutes of the organization, maintains minutes and other internal documents, and ensures that these are available as needed to CAPS-ACSP executives and members. The Vice-Chair Operations is also responsible for managing upcoming CAPS-ASCP Executive Council meetings as per Article VI: Meetings and Quorum, elections as per Article VII: Elections, referenda and member initiatives as per Article VIII: Consultation of CAPS-ACSP Members, and constitutional amendments as per Article IX: Amendments to the Constitution.
Vice-Chair Communications 
The Vice-Chair Communications shall be responsible for updating and maintaining external communications including the CAPS-ACSP social media and online presence. The Vice-Chair Communications has primary responsibility for updating/renewing membership lists and for liaising with and responding with individual postdocs. The Vice-Chair  Communications acts with the Chair as a first point of contact to ensure appropriate and timely responses to inquiry to CAPS-ACSP.
Vice-Chair Finance
The Vice-Chair Finance shall be responsible for all financial activities of CAPS-ACSP including preparation of the annual budget proposal, receipt of monies due CAPS-ACSP, arranging payments to external vendors or contractors, maintenance and custody of all financial records pertaining to CAPS-ACSP, and preparation of an end-of-the-year annual budget report. This individual shall also be responsible for generating invoices and expense claim forms, and will play a role in the negotiation and writing up of service contracts for projects performed by CAPS or for CAPS by outside agencies. This individual shall also seek funding support for CAPS-ACSP’s operations and activities by initiating annual applications to granting agencies and other potential sources of funds.
Vice Chair International
The role of the Vice Chair International is to represent the interests of non-Canadian citizen postdocs in Canada and Canadian citizen postdocs in postdoc positions outside of Canada. The Vice-Chair International liaises between Canadian postdocs at non-Canadian institutions, who are not represented by Canadian postdoctoral associations, and CAPS-ACSP. Other duties may include: (a) to serve as a voice for international post-docs; (b) to locate resources for international post-docs; (c) support networking for international post-docs within and outside of Canada; (d) identify and liaise with extra-national post-doc associations; (e) identify challenges, particularly related to immigration and residency issues, of international post-docs; (f) promote research on international post-doctoral issues, and; (g) ensure continuity of awareness and information for incoming Executive Councils. The Vice Chair International shall preferably be a person who is a CAPS-ACSP member who is a Canadian in a post-doc position outside of Canada or a non-Canadian citizen within a Canadian postdoc position.
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