Call for participation

2023 Bounce & Cadence Symposium for Music and Audio Research

bounce | bouns |
• the process of rendering a completed song into audio files or into just one audio file: bounces can also be used with other music applications.

cadence | ˈkeɪdns |
• a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase: the final cadences of the Prelude.

We invite proposals for participation for the 2023 Bounce & Cadence Symposium for Music and Audio Research to be held at the University of Lethbridge on 30 March, 2023.

Due date:

The Call for Student Participation will be open from 9:00AM, on 16 January, until 11:59PM, on 8 March (Mountain Time).


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

All projects are eligible for the awards irrespective of the form in which the project is presented. Click here to see participation types.

Guidelines and information

  1. Bounce & Cadence follows no overarching theme. However, we endeavour to offer undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to showcase culminating research projects; for instance, we would enjoy receiving proposals that feature end-of-course, end-of-term, or end-of-degree outputs and outcomes. Moreover, projects may be classified as research, research and creation, or creation, only.

  2. We wish to encourage students from diverse backgrounds, and origins, to get involved. Furthermore, we strongly support research from equity-deserving scholar-artists in order to illustrate a more thorough and inclusive worldview of research in the arts.

  3. Collaborative projects are welcomed. Collaborative projects are inherently more complex to organise. So, students, who submit a team proposal, should have a good working relation (e.g., clear responsibilities for each member of the team).

  4. Enter the submission system by going to the submission link, below. Be sure to read through all of the requirements for the submission. You may want to prepare the submission requirements off-line before re-entering the system and clicking on the final Submit button.

  5. You may submit more than one proposal. Create a new submission for each proposal.

  6. Do not anonymise your proposal materials.

  7. After submitting your proposal, the website will automatically generate a message with a link for editing your submission. Please bookmark this link for future reference.

  8. The submission system uses Qualtrics (a cloud-based survey tool). All data submitted remains on servers located in Canada.

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