Music Recital

We invite project proposals that are suitable for a staged recital hall performance (in the University of Lethbridge Recital Hall). The project must include the performance of one composition. Eligible projects also include the performance of a multi-movement work or an excerpt of a longer piece of music.

Presentation duration

The approximate duration of the performance is recommended to be from 3 to 10 minutes. Proposing a duration of longer than 10 minutes is possible; however, the symposium is not able to support a proposal that includes a lengthy event or complete recital with numerous compositions.


The symposium does not provide performers; instead, the project leader must confirm any performers required for the project. Getting the commitment of a stage manager is recommended for an ensemble performance requiring numerous artists. Identify all performers, and stage manager (if applicable), when the proposal is submitted.

Performance venue

The University Recital Hall accommodates an audience of 200 people. Two pianos reside in the hall, a Steinway D concert grand piano and a Yamaha S6 grand piano. A 6-channel Meyer Sound loudspeaker array, plus QSC subwoofer, are available for sound projection. The hall is equipped with a fixed open white (no colour) lighting configuration of LED and incandescence bulbs. Digital projection facilities include a 7500-lumen (MODEL: NP-PX750U) Widescreen Professional Installation Projector with HDMI connector only. The projector screen is 6.3 X 3.5 meters and drops down at the rear of the stage (upstage). The Hall is directly wired to our state-of-the-art recording studios located on the upper level of the Centre for the Arts.

Submit the following information via e-mail to

•How many participants are involved in your project? Include the first and last name, and email address of the project leader, collaborators, and performers.

•What is the title of your project or the title of the music you will play?

•Submit a project abstract that describes your performance (no more than 300 words).

•What is the duration of the performance? The approximate duration of the performance is recommended to be from 3 to 10 minutes. 

•Identify music: title of composition; year of composition; name of composer; composer's birth year.

•Indicate your technical requirements such as quantity of chairs; music stands; loudspeakers; video projection; etc.