Thursday, 21 March

07:30 Hall & stage technological set-up
09:00 Welcome message D. Andrew Stewart
Group no. 1
09:15 Sonic Crossover in Hip Hop Emanuel Akel
09:30 Exploring Melodic Bass Music in Electronic Dance Music Tuomas Pettersson
09:45 DJing with DJ Fuze: Vinyl Versus Digital Luke Allen
10:00 Q&A
Group no. 2
10:15 Composing Film Stingers Adam Collins
10:30 Horror Video Game Music Patrick Davis
10:45 Q&A
11:00 Break
11:15 Seeing the Light: A Blind Artist’s Journey of Discovering Music Production and Audio Engineering in the Screen-driven Digital Music Industry Joey Stuckey
12:15 Break
Tabletop exhibit
The Immersive Audio "Mix" in Unity Chris Jerwin
13:00 Hall & stage technological set-up
Group no. 3: Concert (13:30 to 14:30)
13:30 TBA
14:30 Q&A
14:45 Break
Group no. 4
15:00 A Review and Comparison of Digital Audio Workstations Olivia Bedard-Moller
15:15 Spatial Audio in Music Zephyr Paradis
15:30 Audiobook Creation: Industry Tips and the Voice-over Performance Elias MacDonald
15:45 Q&A
Group no. 5
16:00 The Boards of Canada: Sounds of Nostalgia Ryan Jensen
16:15 Signals: Exploring Abstract Sound Design in Popular Electronic Music Aiden Telfer
16:30 Synthwave and Nostalgia Aaron Wadsworth
16:45 Q&A
17:00 Break
Group no. 6
17:15 Improving the Musical Practice: Acoustics and Studio Sound Treatment Taylor Murphy
17:30 Beyond the Audible Joel Osmond
17:45 A Web Browser-based Piano Roll Built in JavaScript, HTML5, and FAUST Alex Wang
18:00 Q&A
18:15 Closing remarks
18:30 Hall and stage tear-down/strike

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