Road Trips

Road trips are a great way to take a break from routine, explore new territory, and create lasting memories. Alberta is full of world renowned destinations, many which can be explored for little to no money. Whether you’re heading to the big city to catch the view from the top of Calgary Tower, or enjoying a hike in the breathtaking scenery just off the Icefields Parkway, taking a road trip is guaranteed to help you learn more about yourself. With structured breaks throughout the semester, university is a great time to schedule in some much needed adventure. Seize this opportunity and go learn more about our beautiful backyard in Alberta.

Check out these great resources for planning your next adventure:

Places to go

A Guide to Driving in the Mountains

Camping? Alberta’s Campground Guide

Road conditions are best in the summer months (July-August). However, if you are planning a trip in winter conditions, here are some tips to ensure you stay safe on the road.


Have suggestions for a great road trip destination? Feel free to leave details in the comments below.