Mirela Ambeskovic


  • BSc. in Neuroscience (University of Lethbridge 2009)
  • MSc. in Neuroscience (University of Lethbridge 2011-2013)
  • PhD. in Neuroscience (University of Lethbridge 2014-Present)


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  3. Ambeskovic M, Fuchs E, Beaumier P, Gerken M, Metz GA (2013) Hair trace elementary profiles in aging rodents and primates: links to altered cell homeodynamics and disease. Biogerontology. 14(5):557-67.
  4. Ambeskovic M, (2013) Transgenerational programming of brain and behaviour by prenatal stress. Master’s thesis dissertation, found in the University of Lethbridge, Arts and Science library, 1-118.