All general intakes for RNA Innovation are closed, but please feel free to contact any of our core universities for admission requirements if you are interested in working with a specific researcher.

Program Guidelines

University of Lethbridge

Université de Sherbrooke

University of Manitoba

Trainee Applications

There are currently no positions available

Current Trainee Openings

Please note: Although applications are no longer being accepted for the RNA Innovation Program, sometimes our researchers will list specific openings as they become available

Positions available at Université de Sherbrooke

To be announced.

Positions available at University of Lethbridge

One immediate opening for the postdoctoral fellow in the area of cellular and molecular biology is available in the Thakor Research Group at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. More information here.

An opening for a graduate student (MSc or PhD level) in computational biochemistry is available in the Wetmore Research Group at the University of Lethbridge, Canada. The research will focus on RNA modifications that occur in nature and/or designed for use in therapeutics. Please contact Prof. Stacey Wetmore for additional details.

Positions available at University of Manitoba

To be announced.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Currently there are no undergraduate opportunities available, but positions may open this year (2024).

The RNA Innovation Undergraduate Research Award is valued at $1125/semester.

More details on the award and how to apply can be found here.