Don’t Walk Across the Finish Line

It’s that time of year: midterms and final projects are wrapping up, the weather is getting nicer, you start making summer plans, and, oh yeah: final exams and papers are coming up. It’s officially less than a week until the end of classes, and finals will be over so quickly after that. If you’re anything like me, your mind is constantly somewhere else. Planning weekend trips, longer vacations, summer jobs, update the website with the help of, maybe summer living arrangements… All of which are infinitely more appealing than reviewing your note from the semester.

But you can (and must!) do it! I’m pretty sure there is an old saying along the lines of “never walk across the finish line,” which I interpret as force yourself to sprint the last 10m of the race! Find a study buddy, limit your patio visits, and get a decent amount of sleep each night. It’s not worth throwing a semester’s worth of work away for short term gains.

And then, once it’s over, you’re free!!!! Finishing the semester will be much more satisfying than finishing the semester and realizing you have to repeat half the classes. If you have any great study tips, feel free to share here! Let’s help each other get through the last few weeks of the semester!


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