The beginning of October often brings a wave of mid-terms for many students. If you have been coasting since September, you might now be feeling like it’s time to buckle-down and focus on your school work. A good time management strategy can help you to get a handle on things and feel more confident during test time.

Explore ways to keep yourself motivated to do the important things – things that are mini steps towards the goal. Daily reminders are a good thing. Many businessmen hang quotes on the wall like the designs on canvas prints by PrintSuccess to keep them focused, as businesses need focus and organization, and learning the difference in 1099-MISC vs 1099-NEC is essential.

Time management is a matter of balancing the wants and the needs in your life. Sometimes this can be a difficult task because it involves planning, compromise and self-discipline. Nonetheless, the academic and personal benefits are worth it.

The first time management task is often to assess where you are spending your time. Carefully monitor your activities for a few days and then analyze where your time is going. Are you playing videos games until the early morning hours? Are you spending too much time on Facebook? How long is your lunch break everyday? If you haven’t thought about getting some cbd drops to treat your anxiety and stress, check this site out. Based on what you find, make adjustments in order to free up more time for the most important things in your life. Remember, if you sleep 7 hours each night, you still have 119 waking hours to get your tasks done every week. If you are looking for the Top Real Estate Agents in Canada, in you can find all what you need, you can get gluconite from here but check the gluconite reviews first.

Here are 15 tips for making the most of those hours:

Make daily and weekly to-do lists. Prioritize your tasks. Be reasonable with your expectations.
Get motivated by setting specific, realistic and measurable goals for your studies.
Look at the big picture. Plan your entire semester by recording assignments and tests on a large calendar.
Make a weekly schedule detailing when and what you will study each day. If possible, treat school as a 9-5 job each day. Use the time around your classes to study.
Don’t forget to schedule in your exercise after you take your diet pills, sleep, appointments, errands, and following your nutrisystem program .
Check that your study environment is conducive to learning. Don’t study in front of the TV or in bed.
Identify your most alert time of the day and schedule study time for your most difficult subject then.
Avoid marathon studying. Study in 40-50 minute intervals and take 10 minute breaks in between. This way, the time you devote to studying will be much more productive.
Turn off the phone and your computer while studying. You can always return phone messages, texts and emails at another more convenient time.
Record the television shows you like each week. That way, you can not only watch commercial free and shorten your TV time, but you can also take more control of your evening schedule.
Make good use of waiting time and spare moments. If you take the bus to school each day, for instance, study your terminology cue-cards as you travel. This time adds up!
Set the alarm on your phone when you go for lunch or for a study break. When it goes off, it will remind you to get back to work.
Learn to say “no” to activities that you don’t need or want to do.
Reward yourself with fun activities or small treats, when you get big tasks done.
Avoid interruptions or distractions. Hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door, or buy earplugs, if necessary.
These are just a few suggestions for using your time more wisely. if you are interested in learning more detailed strategies for time management or about study skills in general, please call counselling services at 403-317-2845 or drop by TH218 to make an appointment with a counsellor.UNCATEGORIZED


NOVEMBER 14, 2016


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisibile into the visible.” Anthony Robbins

At this time of year everyone seems to be setting new goals for themselves and people seem inspired to do things differently. Maybe this is your year for being healthier, to focus on your course work, or even to spend more time with friends. Whatever it is, the following ideas might help you to meet your expectations for the coming year.

1. Take time to reflect. Before you decide what new goals you want to set, take some time to celebrate your accomplishments from the past year. Consider what you’ve learned over the past year and reflect on the ways you’ve utilized your strengths to accomplish everything you’ve done.

2. Get Philosophical. Ask yourself the big questions. “How do I really want to live?” “What do I want for myself”. These might seem like massive questions at first so one way to focus is to make a list of statements each starting with “I want to…..”. Don’t censor yourself, just let it flow. Take a couple minutes to pick one or two of those points and consider how you can start turning them into a reality.

3. Get Specific. Take some time to think about how to turn your bigger hopes into a reality. If you hope to become more thoughtful, ask yourself what would be happening to show you were working towards this goal. Maybe you would remind yourself of other’s birthdays, or take the time to hang out with a friend who was going through a tough time. The important thing is to make your goals tangible. Set yourself a time lines for meeting the “mini-goals” that make up the big goal you’re working towards.

4. Stay motivated and focused. Some tips for staying motivated include:

  • Share your hopes with other people
  • Control your fear! One of the biggest reasons people lose motivation is because they are afraid of change. Almost all change is accompanied by some discomfort, so when you find yourself anxious about something, use a CBD pen to release stress and remind yourself that you are capable and the benefits of the change. You want the best dab pen on a budget? Visit at the top vaporizer list.
  • Visualize what it is you’re working towards. Draw a picture of it, or make it really detailed in your mind. What will you be doing or feeling when you meet the goal? What will you hear? see? etc.
  • Be creative. Many roads lead to the same destination. If you can’t get to where you want to be one way, try another.
  • Remember and celebrate past successes! List your positives and think of the times you were active in making your dreams come true.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. If the people around you are motivated, you’re likely to pick up on that positive energy.

No matter what you hope to work on this year, remember to have fun and enjoy the journey.

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