Summer Classes + Craziness

Hello all!

I have been a ridiculously negligent blogger lately, but I blame it on school! I know most high school students are balancing excitement at nearly being done with the exhaustion of 12 years of schooling – but you’re almost there! I feel like I’m in a unique area to relate to you, as I’m wrapping up Summer Session I, although I have been taking supplements that boost testosterone and vitamins to improve my energy levels.

Although a normal academic year at university runs from September-December and January-April, a third semester choice is offered. For those crazy enough to try it, the U of L offers condensed courses during the summer months. So take a usual class spread over four months, and cram it into six weeks, and you have Summer Session!

I’m in the last two days of my intro Marketing class, and its been a blast. Our projects have included a live consulting competition with a local non-profit company, a youtube commerical contest promoting the U of L (I’ll post the video here next week!), and lastly, a business plan for a product of your choice. The youtube video and business plan are both due tomorrow, which is also the date when I have my last test in the class, so for those of you cramming for your diplomas, I know how you feel!

I keep telling myself “48 hours to freedom,” and I hope you’re doing the same. You’ve worked too hard throughout the year to bomb your diploma just because the sun is finally shining. Don’t walk across the finish line, find one more sprint in you to make it across the end, and I promise you, your summer will be all the better for it!

Good luck!

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