Call for Expressions of Interest – ASTeRIX Director/Co-Directors 

ASTeRIX invites expressions of interest for a three-year appointment beginning July 1, 2022 as the Director or Co-Directors of ASTeRIX, a Faculty of Fine Arts Research Centre. ASTeRIX supports the research and creation of objects, narratives, and experiences that investigate intersections in the arts. Through transdisciplinary conversations and collaborations, we aim to generate dialogues around pressing concerns of our time and rethink what is possible.

Responsibilities of the Director/Co-Directors include the day-to-day management and operations of the research centre, coordinating the ASTeRIX Steering Committee and Graduate Assistants, and liaising with the ASTeRIX Membership. The Director(s) may also represent the centre at national and international events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops, performances, maker conventions). A formal report on centre activities and development is provided by the Director/Co-Directors to the ASTeRIX Steering Committee, the Dean of Fine Arts, the Vice-President Research, and to the four departmental Chairs of the Faculty of Fine Arts annually. Duties in the areas of Research and Administrative Leadership are described briefly as follows:

1)  Contributing to ASTeRIX’s performance as a vibrant  hub of exploration, including spearheading and supporting programming initiatives, managing centre assets, identifying the potential for infrastructure growth;

2)  Supporting and advising ASTeRIX Membership;

3)  Building ASTeRIX’s reputation as a significant contributor to the academic and artistic landscapes through collaborations with both university partners and external communities, industries, and organisations; and

4)  Pursuing funding sources in support of ASTeRIX’s activities in accordance with the University of Lethbridge Centres and Institutes Policy.

The following qualities are required. Prior experience with the ASTeRIX Steering Committee is considered an asset.

●  Exhibiting a history of, or demonstrable interest in, expanding artistic practices in the Fine Arts through the lens of transdisciplinary research-creation

●  Holding a tenured, tenure-track, or Instructor III position in the Faculty of Fine Arts

●  Demonstrating an ability to articulate the centre’s on-going research-creation directions, objectives, and outcomes for the duration of the appointment

Interested individuals should submit a CV and a one-page expression of interest that addresses a vision for both the development of ASTeRIX and a plan for Research or Administrative Leadership (see Centres and Institutes Policy, Appendix C).[1] For individuals considering co-directorship, submit an expression of interest independently or conjointly. Expressions submitted conjointly should come from two individuals who intend to work together as co-directors.

Submit to the ASTeRIX Steering Committee at

[1] Reviewing the University of Lethbridge Centres and Institutes Policy regarding the role and responsibilities of the Director position is recommended, including specific expectations for Research and Administrative Leadership as described in Appendix C.

ASTeRIX Presents: Behind the Art with Jackson 2bears

Do you love art? Are you curious what happens behind the scenes in an artist’s studio?!

Jackson 2bears, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts and research and Associate Professor in Arts Studio, will take you Behind the Art to reveal his multifaceted creative practice. Discover how Jackson explores the aesthetics of contemporary Indigenous identity and in what ways his work considers his own identity through an engaging conversation with our host.

Jackson has exhibited his work across Canada in public galleries, museums, and artist-run centres, as well as internationally in festivals and group exhibitions. He has much to share with you, so please join us and our host, Dr. Arlan Schultz, composer, professor, and ASTeRIX steering committee member, for this online event through Zoom on Thursday, February 3 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Event link:

RECAP // Intersections: What in the World is Research-Creation?

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Intersections series event: What in the World is Research-Creation?

We conversed with our guests about their interpretations and reflections about research-creation, learning about their creative processes and projects along the way. The panel discussed different topics including how they approach and think about research and creation in their work, use of technology, listening in to our bodies and out towards our surroundings, the importance of art in our lives, and reflections on society.

Missed or want to review some of this intriguing conversation and exploration about research-creation in the arts? View a full recording of the event on our YouTube channel:

We look forward to seeing you next time!

Next event: Gathering+

Join us on January 21 and 22 for our next event, an interdisciplinary workshop bringing curious minds from across the fine arts together! Check our website soon regarding how to register for this exciting Gathering+.

Happy research and creation, 

What in the World is Research-Creation?!

December 2, 2021 – 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Zoom 

It's research!
It's creation!
No, it's research-creation!
Wait, what's that?

Join host and Asterix Graduate Assistant Jaime Johnson with Master of Fine Arts students Jaimee Jarvee, Christina Milinusic, and Carla Simon as they explore research and creation in the arts through the lens of their own work and processes.

The term and methodology of research-creation recently gained significant recognition and popularity; however, its meaning varies even to many people who use it to describe their own work. This informal discussion visits the many paths and terms surrounding this topic including practice-based research, research-based practice, and more.

They will also consider and discuss how student artists define their work, communicate their practices, and present their research and creation to those inside and outside the arts. 

Register here for this free event:

Carla Simon    

Carla was born and raised in Arco Idaho. Graduated with a bachelors in Costume Design with minors in Theatre and Art, from Brigham Young University Idaho in 2004. Married Peter Simon in 2005 and moved to Canada. She volunteered at the community theatres in all the towns she has lived, and she loves creating Halloween costumes for her four children.  She moved to Magrath in 2018 finally close to a the University of Lethbridge. With her kids all in school she decided to return to school for her Masters in Fine Arts, emphasis in Costume design for Drama. 

Christina Milinusic 

Christina Milinusic is an audio professional who has provided live sound reinforcement since founding her company Unity Sound in 2005. She is the current chapter head for SoundGirls Alberta and has experience working as an electronics technician, technical director, and recordist. Christina is currently a IMMA Masters student at the University of Lethbridge.

Jaime Johnson  

Jaime has called Lethbridge home for many years and enjoys being involved in the community’s theatre scene. She designs costumes for many of the local community and professional theatre companies. She is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree, focussing on costume design. Her interest in the macabre has played a role in the direction her research is going and she looks forward to her thesis show next spring!  

Jaimee Jarvie

Jaimee Jarvie graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2013 with a BMus in vocal performance. She has taught private voice lessons for twelve years and is currently a sessional instructor at the university teaching the University of Lethbridge Singers. In the summer of 2019, after a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, Jarvie decided to return to the University to pursue a MMus and is currently creating a thesis project entitled Responding to MS Through – A Research-Creation Project. This project is a combination of live music, and recorded interviews, and focuses on singers within the MS community. Interviews will focus on topics such as: diagnosis, disease modifying therapy, defining disability, and singing through disease, to name a few.   

Behind the Art: Dr. Monique Giroux

Enjoy music? Appreciate art?
Dying to know what happens behind the scenes?!

Featured artist Dr. Monique Giroux is ready to share it all!

Listen and converse with Dr. Giroux, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Music, Culture, and Politics and Assistant Professor in the Music Department at the University of Lethbridge, about how she got into the field of indigenous music research, addressing Métis cultural revival and resurgence, and working with archives and community. Throughout a lively discussion with our host, see images and hear recordings as Dr. Giroux shares with us the path that led to and background of her work, critically exploring how music is used to negotiate relationships between Indigenous nations and settler populations.

Please join us and our host, Arlan Schultz, artist, professor, and ASTeRIX steering committee member, for this online event through Zoom on:
Tuesday, November 23 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Click here to register for the event

SQ1P2 Art Reveal Reception

Coming soon! Friday, January 8 at 7:00 p.m.

On November 1st, we invited you let your imagination run free to create art, a personal response to SQ1P2, a member’s intriguing Zoom background image. Please join us as we unveil our and your art-making! Also discover the art behind the art and hear about the SQ1P2 image from its creator. Whether you want to see our creations, share your own, hear about the process, or simply connect with others, join us for a fun evening exploring art. All artists, art supporters, and university members welcome!

When & Where: Friday, January 8, 2021 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. online through Zoom
Register Here:–rrDsvHte_ExlOc-qfZcrVEZrZc8lV 
Passcode: 357643

Join us. Make Art. Project SQ1P2.

Intrigued by this image? So are we.
ASTeRIX invites visual artists, musicians, dramatists, new media artists, writers, performers, actors, technologists, and all manner of arts practitioners to engage with us in responding to this image: SQ1P2.pdf.

Join us as we begin a new chapter at ASTeRIX filled with the imagination and creative work of you.
To this end, we share this small, short, fun project with you – a personal response (whatever it may be) to image SQ1P2, the provocative Zoom background of one of our members.

We encourage you to take it, run with it, then share your art-making with other creators, with us, at an ASTeRIX gathering later this fall.

Explore. Discover. Play.

Happy Making!

Space: Sound, Score and Visuals

Cultured Passionate Space in HUBS

You are invited to attend Interactions in Space: Sound, Score and Visuals with Dr. Keith Hamel Monday, November 2, 2020 1:00 to 2:45 p.m.

Dr. Hamel has been developing interactive audio visual works that allow live musicians to control sound and graphics through their performances and through their physical gestures. He uses computer vision to track movement and audio analysis tools to capture the sonic characteristics of the live performance and he creates highly integrated art works where movement can create sound and sound can create graphics.

Join Here

Suggested Instructions
1. Before the event, visit and explore the stellar Cultured Passionate Space in Hubs. Visit the Interactives or Music Tech pods or stop by the Questions Corner and float a question for Dr. Hamel. You can launch several performances, being mindful of other visitors who may also be watching with you. If you are new to Hubs, check out Getting started in Hubs
2. On Monday, connect with Zoom.
3. Optionally, simultaneously connect to the stellar Cultured Passionate Space in Hubs.

Call for Expressions of Interest – ASTeRIX Director/Co-Directors

ASTeRIX continues to evolve and we are “breaking new ground” once again; this e-mail is to announce our first-ever open call for Director or Co-Directors. The exceptional condition we find ourselves in is the main reason why this call has been made public in May, with only a few weeks for collecting responses. Making the call public required the attention of ORIS and the Office of the Dean of Fine Arts, firstly. Understandably, ASTeRIX has not been a priority in light of the challenges of our financial climate and the global health emergency.

Expressions of interest are requested for a three-year appointment, or appointments (beginning July 1, 2020) as the Director, or Co-Directors of Art, Sound & Technology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX). Interested individuals are to submit a CV and a one-page expression of interest that addresses a vision for both the development of ASTeRIX and a plan for Research or Administrative Leadership (see Centres and Institutes Policy, Appendix C). For individuals considering co-directorship, submit an expression of interest independently or conjointly. Expressions submitted conjointly should come from two individuals who intend to work together as co-directors.

The complete Call for Expressions of Interest
Submit to the Office of the Dean of Fine Arts (
Due: May 30, 2020

20 April ASTeRIX AGM Agenda and Report, Telematic, Starting at 10am
2019-2020 ASTeRIX Director’s Report

Dr. D. Andrew Stewart, Director
Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX)

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2020 ASTeRIX AGM Agenda and Director’s Report

Hello everyone,

The 2020 AGM for Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX) occurred on 20 May. The meeting agenda and report, as well as the annual Director’s Report, are available, below.

20 April ASTeRIX AGM Agenda and Report, Telematic, Starting at 10am
2019-2020 ASTeRIX Director’s Report

Dr. D. Andrew Stewart, Director
Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX)

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