Space: Sound, Score and Visuals

Cultured Passionate Space in HUBS

You are invited to attend Interactions in Space: Sound, Score and Visuals with Dr. Keith Hamel Monday, November 2, 2020 1:00 to 2:45 p.m.

Dr. Hamel has been developing interactive audio visual works that allow live musicians to control sound and graphics through their performances and through their physical gestures. He uses computer vision to track movement and audio analysis tools to capture the sonic characteristics of the live performance and he creates highly integrated art works where movement can create sound and sound can create graphics.

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Suggested Instructions
1. Before the event, visit and explore the stellar Cultured Passionate Space in Hubs. Visit the Interactives or Music Tech pods or stop by the Questions Corner and float a question for Dr. Hamel. You can launch several performances, being mindful of other visitors who may also be watching with you. If you are new to Hubs, check out Getting started in Hubs
2. On Monday, connect with Zoom.
3. Optionally, simultaneously connect to the stellar Cultured Passionate Space in Hubs.

ASTeRIX Fine Arts Student Resource Guide

This guide aims to empower students, ensuring you have what you need to be successful as artist-scholars engaged in research-creation at the University of Lethbridge, and beyond into the wider Alberta arts community. It is also designed to integrate with in-person events that help tangibly introduce artist-scholars to the resources mentioned here. Find the full PDF linked below and please visit the home page for more information on related upcoming events.

ASteRIX Creative Conversations

Feeling isolated? Want to stay in touch with fellow students and faculty about your artistic practice during the summer months and ongoing social distancing restrictions? Join ASTeRIX Zoom Drops for weekly Creative Conversations where participants are invited to hang out and share what’s keeping you busy in the realm of artistic research-creation (or just talk about your pets). Make new connections or get back in touch with folks you haven’t heard from in a while. Whether you’re a musician, programmer, visual artist, performer, or anything else – we’d love to have you join our casual conversation group. 

Join us via zoom link every Tuesday between 1-2pm:

Use this invite link to add our recurring event to your calendar.

Call for Student Representatives

Are you a Uleth student who will remain enrolled until April 2021? Are you interested in interdisciplinary research-creation in the arts? Would you like to see more support for students through workshops, events, and activities that encourage interdisciplinary research-creation? If yes, then this exciting volunteer opportunity offers you the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of artist-scholars, and gain relevant experience that you can add to your CV.

ASTeRIX is seeking one (1) Graduate Student Representative and one (1) Undergraduate Student Representative from the Uleth student population to sit on the ASTeRIX Steering Committee. These positions entail a commitment to attending one 90-minute meeting per month (on average) between September 2020-April 2021, where you will be asked to provide input and constructive feedback towards ASTeRIX objectives in supporting interdisciplinary research-creation in the arts. Not only will you be adding your voice to ensure student needs are better represented by ASTeRIX events and activities, this role as Student Representative looks great on scholarship and grant applications!

Interested applicants are to submit a statement (150-200 words) that highlights your interest and background, along with links to past artistic work (optional) to by 4:00pm on July 3, 2020. If you have any questions regarding the role, please contact ASTeRIX Graduate Assistant Tyler Stewart at

Call for Expressions of Interest – ASTeRIX Director/Co-Directors

ASTeRIX continues to evolve and we are “breaking new ground” once again; this e-mail is to announce our first-ever open call for Director or Co-Directors. The exceptional condition we find ourselves in is the main reason why this call has been made public in May, with only a few weeks for collecting responses. Making the call public required the attention of ORIS and the Office of the Dean of Fine Arts, firstly. Understandably, ASTeRIX has not been a priority in light of the challenges of our financial climate and the global health emergency.

Expressions of interest are requested for a three-year appointment, or appointments (beginning July 1, 2020) as the Director, or Co-Directors of Art, Sound & Technology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX). Interested individuals are to submit a CV and a one-page expression of interest that addresses a vision for both the development of ASTeRIX and a plan for Research or Administrative Leadership (see Centres and Institutes Policy, Appendix C). For individuals considering co-directorship, submit an expression of interest independently or conjointly. Expressions submitted conjointly should come from two individuals who intend to work together as co-directors.

The complete Call for Expressions of Interest
Submit to the Office of the Dean of Fine Arts (
Due: May 30, 2020

20 April ASTeRIX AGM Agenda and Report, Telematic, Starting at 10am
2019-2020 ASTeRIX Director’s Report

Dr. D. Andrew Stewart, Director
Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX)

Please write to, if you want to be removed from the ASTERIX e-mail list.

2020 ASTeRIX AGM Agenda and Director’s Report

Hello everyone,

The 2020 AGM for Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX) occurred on 20 May. The meeting agenda and report, as well as the annual Director’s Report, are available, below.

20 April ASTeRIX AGM Agenda and Report, Telematic, Starting at 10am
2019-2020 ASTeRIX Director’s Report

Dr. D. Andrew Stewart, Director
Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX)

Please write to, if you want to be removed from the ASTERIX e-mail list.

Meeting Agenda Update 15 October and Intersections/Gatherings reminder

Hello everyone

Below, you will find a link to an updated agenda for the upcoming ASTeRIX meeting (tomorrow) – same agenda that was distributed, last week, but with a few changes and additional embedded link: “New draft policy for university centres”, which will require ASTeRIX, and all other centres or institutions, to revisit their applications to become a university centre.

In addition, the ASTeRIX Gathering no. 1 takes place on Thursday.  The SAAG has indicated that they will make hardcopies of the readings available.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the scheduled delivery date for the limited number of hardcopies, which we’ll put in the mailroom. In the meantime, feel free to access an unformatted electronic PDF copy. Please come to the Reading Group, which is normally quite intimate and informal.  Light refreshments served.

Lastly, please, at your earliest convenience, respond to the messages about “Intersections” and “Gatherings”, if you were one of the respondents to the May Questionnaire, in which we asked for proposals for “Intersections” and “Gatherings” (recent e-mails dated 7 October). It’s still early days and so, we would enjoy having everyone’s feedback on our “Intersections” and “Gatherings” series.

15 October Meeting Agenda

19 September Meeting Agenda
19 September Meeting Minutes

Thank you,
Art, Sound, & Technology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX)

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2019 ASTeRIX Community Questionnaire Report




In May, 2019, we asked the ASTeRIX community to complete an on-line questionnaire in order to understand better the community’s research interests and to survey scholar-artists with respect to proposals for the future development of the centre, Art, Sound, & TEchnology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX), which is a Type B Research Centre in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge. It supports research-creation across all departments in the Faculty of Fine Arts and includes, but is not limited to, investigating the intersections of technology and the arts. The remainder of this document includes results from the questionnaire and provides a report of the community members’ responses. Continue reading “2019 ASTeRIX Community Questionnaire Report”

2019 ASTeRIX Questionnaire Results and Activities



We have 40+ cross-disciplinary members, including members beyond the Faculty of Fine and Arts and members representing independent organisations.

Send feedback
Share this information with colleagues
Help us to grow the ASTeRIX community


New Graduate Student Assistant

Tyler Stewart (Cultural, Social and Political Thought, 1st-year MA) has joined ASTeRIX. We’re very pleased, and fortunate, to have Tyler’s support and talent during these formative years. Welcome Tyler!


The results of the ASTeRIX community questionnaire are now available. We appreciate the time that you took to complete the questionnaire; your feedback is essential. Please write to us directly, if you have any concerns about the interpretation and the editing of your questionnaire feedback.

Activities Fall 2019

Reforming of the steering committee

An outcome of the May ASTeRIX AGM was a strong expression to maintain a formal Steering Committee. A big thank you to those of you who responded to the steering committee section of the questionnaire.

Big Bang

Several scholar-artists from the ASTeRIX community are involved in the “Big Bang” public opening and research showcase of the Science and Academic Building (Arlan, Leanne, Dana, Monique, D. Andrew). If you are participating, please let us know.

Gatherings – We’d love to see you  :  )

The flexible committee and meeting structure proposed in February  has been re-named:  “Gatherings”. Please come to ASTeRIX Gathering No. 1, which is schedule for Thursday, 17 October, 6 to 7pm, at the SAAG. ASTeRIX members (Mia and D. Andrew) will be participating in the Bletcher Hour Reading Group, and supplying the extracts for this informal gathering of community members.

In Praise of Shadow (Tanizaki, 1933)
The Tears of Things (Schwenger, 2006)
Free Play, Sex and Violins (Nachmanovitch, 1990)
Death and Performing Objects (John Bell)
Guide to Sound Objects, Reduced Listening (Chion, 2009)
View with a Grain of Sand (Szymborska, 1995)

Shortly, we will be in contact with those questionnaire participants who offered suggestions for Gathering topics. We would like to align the topics with the tentative dates proposed in the questionnaire (below). However, we also want to find dates that work for everyone, if possible.

Thursday, Nov. 28
Thursday, Jan. 23
Thursday, Mar. 5
Tuesday, 14 April (ASTERIX AGM)

Crossing Boundaries

Members from the ASTeRIX community will present in this year’s Crossing Boundaries: Languages | Landscapes | Algorithms (Leanne, Denton, Jackson, Aaron, Amandine, Tyler, Dana, Mia, D. Andrew, Arlan, Daniela, Bryn). Presently, there is a call for proposals to all students.  Please, if you have a student, who you think will benefit from this experience, please ask him or her to consider submitting a work.


Website development is ongoing. If you were unable to complete the questionnaire, and you would like to be identified on the ASTeRIX website, please send us an e-mail  and include as many of these details as you feel comfortable sharing.  Importantly, please respond to the request for keywords.

Professional title –
Name –
Institutional affiliation –
Faculty –
Department –
Work phone –
Mobile phone –
Work e-mail –
Website –

Two to five keywords and/or topics that represent your areas of research, teaching, and/or artistic practice –

Thank you for your interest and your contributions,

Dr. D. Andrew Stewart, Director
Art, Sound, & Technology Research IntersecXions (ASTeRIX)

Please write to, if you want to be removed from the ASTERIX e-mail list.