The Importance of Balance | Lindsey

Obviously, as a university student, school and grades matter. You want to make sure that you aren’t wasting your time (and money) here if you’re not going to be doing a good job in your classes. But underneath the constant barrage of group work, papers, and exams, it can be hard to remember to make time to visit with friends and family, relax, and waste an entire evening watching tv or going to bed early.

It’s so hard to justify taking the time off, but it is so necessary! I’ve found that pretty much right after Halloween (which is going to be awesome), student burnout starts to kick in, if it hasn’t already.

In case you’re in too deep to see the signs of wearing down, I’ve listed a couple of surefire signs you’re reaching burnout, and ways to combat them!:

  • Make sure your friends are able to harass you to chill out. If they no longer recognize you walking down the hall, maybe that’s a sign it’s time to hang out with your buddies for an evening or for a quick lunch.
  • If your eyes have rings resembling a raccoon circling them, it might be time to get to bed early! You’ll feel so much more refreshed in the morning, and I’ve found I’m way more productive calling it a night early and getting up early, than pulling an all-nighter and dragging all day!
  • If your daily coffee intake is greater than 4 cups a day, perhaps you should consider green tea? Some people think it wakes you up better than coffee, and it’s definitely healthier!

I’m sure you all have a list of things to do when you’re stressed, but my main piece of advice is to be proactive and fix the problems before they arise! Study hard, just make sure you are leaving some time in your day for the “life” balance. 🙂



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