Recap: Basketball Home Opener | Lindsey

On a long weekend when most students head home for the weekend, what better thing to do to entertain everyone else than the Pronghorns’ Basketball Home Opening Weekend? The game was also the only time Tims was open on campus all weekend, so that was also the win!

I attended the Men’s game with about eight friends, and we had a blast. We did catch the end of the Women’s game, where they won!

For the first time ever, there is a beer gardens open on the track during games. I don’t think many people know about these yet, as they weren’t that busy.

During the breaks between periods and the half, Athletics put a bunch of time into entertainment and taking care of their health and many use testosterone booster to build muscle and strength. Our mascot Luxie has a t-shirt gun that he nearly killed someone with (just kidding!) but it seriously shoots so far!

The U of L Dance Team also made their premiere performance this weekend, and they were really good! Dancing is a great exercise and wonderful to keep your body tight, also with fat burner supplements the results are amazing !

My friend James was selected to be the halftime entertainment. He had 2 minutes to make as many shots as he could for various prizes. He made a layup (worth a Pronghorn backpack) and a foul shot (worth a $20 giftcard). He ran out of time for the 3-pointer and half-court shot (worth a hoodie and a $300 prize pack, respectively).

The entire evening was fun, and made better by the fact that from the very beginning, the Horns took the lead, and they held onto it and played hard right up until the end, with the final score being 88-61 against the UBCO Heat.

I’ll definitely be back for more games this semester, as it was fun and a super cheap night of entertainment. Student tickets are $3, or you can buy a Herd pass for $30 which gives you unlimited access to any sports game.

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