Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My name is Bri, and this fall I’ll be going into my fourth year at the U of L. I’m a Women’s Studies/Sociology major and I’m applying to the Faculty of Education (for my second time) this fall, so I’m playing the waiting game as far as next year goes.

I grew up in Red Deer and moved down here straight after graduation. Lethbridge is my adopted city and it has become my year-round home, which isn’t as common as you might think with university students. My view on post-secondary life here is a little biased, I’ll admit, because I’ve never gone anywhere else – or even applied to any other places. My dream, however, is to one day attend McGill for a Master’s degree and live in downtown Montreal, but for now I’m excited to get into Ed and enjoy my last two years in Leth.

During school, I work full-time, so I’m always on the go. When I’m not at the U of L (from here on out I’m shortening this to simply, the U) or at work, I like to play and coach volleyball or climb in the Ascent Climbing Centre on campus. I also do Big Brothers Big Sisters, which has been great for getting me involved in the community. We’ve gone to ‘Canes games, Bulls games, the Japanese gardens, the Galt Museum and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG). Lethbridge has a bunch of things to do and a surprising amount of culture.

This summer will be my first summer in neither Red Deer or Lethbridge. I landed a summer job traveling around the prairies and selling tools at trade shows, so I can’t wait to get started with that! I’ll be home every week or second week, doing some upkeep jobs on the new place I’m renting, poking around the U, doing some climbing and getting ready for the Faculty of Education to let me know they desperately want me to be a teacher! Should be pretty quiet around here until fall, when 6,000 or so students all move to town all at once in a matter of few days. September is always the most fun, I’m looking forward to it!

Until next time!

– Bri

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