Costa Rrrrrrica!!

I went straight into University out of high school and though I looooove my University career, I do have one regret – I have not traveled. And it’s not like my family and I traveled a lot before. I have been to Quebec, both on a grade nine trip and on an exchange (that my mother was very, very against because she didn’t want me that far away), Chicago (to visit my grandparents when I was six) and Florida (in grade five with the family). I’m not exactly a world traveler – though I want to be! So this is my year of traveling before I convocate and head onto my gap year where I actually will be traveling all the time.

So the year of traveling starts with – you guessed it – Costa Rica!! I don’t speak Spanish and I’ve never been to Central America but I absolutely cannot wait! It’s a family trip, so my parents and me along with my two younger brothers, one who just graduated from high school in Red Deer and one who is just heading into grade eight will be traveling together. We’re staying close to Puerto Jiminez, along the interior strip of protected rain forest. It’s rainy season, but that’s okay with me!

My mom has lots of activities planned for us, from hiking to zip-lining to touring the rain forest, but the part that she is most excited about it the fact that she rented a house for a week through Owner Direct, and we are staying in a TREEHOUSE. That’s right, a tree house. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I do know that it will be a unique experience that I can’t wait to show all my friends!! (Thank you, Facebook!!) Here are some pictures of what it looks like:

And here is some more information about it and a video!

I cannot wait to do some traveling and some suntanning and some relaxing and some quality time with the fam!

Side note: Did anyone else see the Riders beat the Als? Woooooooo!!!

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