summer = crazy

Man, if I don’t have time to blog during my summer “vacation,” when will I find the time with six classes this fall?! Haha, this summer has totally gotten away from me somehow! I’ve been busy with work and packing for Costa Rica and working out (the WORST idea ever – Insanity with Shaun T.), and everything else! But I swear I can do better, as I usually do. Then, like all my resolutions, it gets tossed aside. 🙂

But I have a good excuse for the next week and a half! Costa Rica time is finally here! I leave Lethbridge tomorrow for High River, where my wonderful boyfriend’s incredible family will host me and feed me delicious meals until Saturday night, when he’ll drop me off the airport to meet up with my family and off we go! Can’t wait to tell you all about it! AND I was promised a trip to Ikea and the zoo on Friday before I leave. That boy knows me so well!

So in addition to just finishing up my last class and work and everything, I went to Regina this past weekend! The boyfriend and I drove the six or so hours to Regina on Saturday morning, did a little shopping at Cornwall Centre, had yummy Thai food (my favourite!) and then went to the Rider game! He bought our seats and since he’s never been to a football game in his life, I was a little worried. I shouldn’t have been; I mean, I’m the girl who buys the cheap-o $30 nosebleed tickets because I just love being there (they have a jumbotron for a reason!), but he surprised me with the best tickets I’ve ever had!! We were in the second tier, third row, just past the 40 yard line, behind the Rider bench. I COULD SEE EVERYTHING!! I COULD EVEN SEE THE BALL!! It was unreal!!

The Riders lost to the Stamps, which hurts a lot when you live in a city only two hours away from Calgary, but it didn’t hurt too badly. My favourite player (who I may or may not refer to as my “husband”) scored a highlight reel touchdown, and after being that close to the field, nothing could damper my mood. Minus the outcome, it was definitely the best game I’ve ever been to and I absolutely had an amazing time! I’m grinning again just thinking about how much fun we had!

Anyway, I leave tomorrow and haven’t packed or cleaned a thing! So much to get in order before I head north tomorrow… better work on that! I’ll be back in two weeks, all tanned and relaxed with stories to tell, and hopefully none of them involve spiders!!

Hasta la vista!


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