the end of an era

So practicum finishes up in the classroom tomorrow. I am sick to my stomach at the thought of leaving my 22 eight-year-old kids. I mean, they’re in the hands of a wonderful, extremely caring and competent teacher, but I’ll miss them. And yes, every single one of them.

PSI has been a crazy five weeks. It’s a crash course in what teaching truly is, and I know a couple people who decided to withdraw from practicum and also from the faculty, so it’s not necessarily what everyone thinks it will be when they go in. I was lucky enough to have a fabulous school and an amazing teacher associate, which really helped my practicum go smoothly. I’ve loved everything I’ve participated in, like Turkey Bingo and especially Christmas concert.

I imagine Christmas concert is a lot like Glee club, but with more small children, less organization and a lot less talent. It’s been hectic, trying to fit two rehearsals into every day in this final week of school and have the concert ready to perform for Thursday night. The teacher organizing it is in her PSIII and she’s doing a fabulous job with what is obviously a lot of work.

But anyway. It’s a nice way to close out my practicum. Luckily my friend is going to come with me, because I’m positive I’m going to cry when I remember that Christmas concert is the last time I’ll see all my kidlets!!

In other news, my life is hectic. I teach everyday from 7am – 4pm, and then work every weekday from 5 -11 at one of my two jobs, then Saturdays I work 7am – 3pm and 3.30pm – 9.30pm and Sundays 11.30am – 5.30pm. I am begging for Christmas to come for some time off. Attention students: DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELVES. It’s not any fun.

But soon I’ll be home for the holidays, relaxing, not working, not teaching… I’m excited for the break and excited for what 2011 will bring me in my PSII!!

Much love,


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