Weddings, Moving, and Football

Wow – it is crazy how quickly summer is passing by! Only four weeks until classes start! In the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy with weddings, moving (and movies!), and football.

This has been an amazing summer, in that my friends are starting to get married. This weekend will be the third wedding this summer, and each one has been amazing and beautiful. It’s a little strange for your friends to start getting married – I feel like we’re really becoming grown-ups!

Last weekend I officially moved into my new place, and it is amazing! My bedroom is huge (all my furniture fits!), and I am getting better at the moving process each time. My advice to all of you new high school graduates (if it’s not too late), is don’t get a lot of stuff! I remember in my first year moving into res, and me and my three roommates each brought a toaster, frying pans, etc. To date, I have never needed that damn toaster, and every place I move into I move more and more stuff back to my parents’ house for “storage.”

Also on the topic of moving, make sure you plan ahead, look at the location and the places around, from my house my work is near by and I have a gym to keep in shape and I just found the best natural appetite suppressant to help with my weight. My little brother just graduated and moved out, so it’s interesting to make comparsions between our two moves. Make sure financially you are prepared – your first month you need to have rent and a damage deposit! Something you might run into is requiring tenant insurance. I’ve lived in 6 places since my parents’ house, and this is the first place that required me to get insurance. What it does is essentially covers my things in case of theft, water damage, etc. It’s pretty cheap, and you might be covered under your parents’ home insurance, but it’s something to look into!

Lastly, let’s talk football, specifically the CFL! Up until last night, it’s been a great season for the Edmonton Eskimos! Even with the loss last night, this is the first season we’ve been 5-1 in so long. This might be our year! And despite how sad I was at the Esks’ loss, my day was brightened significantly when the Roughriders lost too! Hah – Bri!

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