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Who I am and why you might read this blog

Welcome to my blog!

I teach chemistry and do research in mathematical biology at the University of Lethbridge. I have also written a textbook entitled¬†A Life Scientist’s Guide to Physical Chemistry, published by Cambridge University Press. Here’s a picture of the very pretty cover that Cambridge designed for me:



This won’t be a blog that gets updated every day. Rather, I’m going to make occasional posts here about things that I think are worthy of public comment and where I think I have something interesting and unique to say. Most of the posts will revolve around physical chemistry, nonlinear dynamics, stochastic systems, and biochemistry, my major teaching and research interests. If these topics interest you, too, you might want to read this blog. I may from time to time delve into other topics, and maybe even hazard the occasional political opinion. Whether my posts outside of my main area of expertise will be of any interest will be up to you to decide.