Back to Class!

It’s the last day of August!! I’m finally finished up with DeWalt, and I figured my summer would slow down and I’d be able to relax and enjoy the last week before classes start… but no. I just got back to beautiful Lethbridge last night, and I’ve been unpacking and grocery shopping and catching up with friends and all sorts of things. I’ve had an interview with a tutoring company, and tomorrow I start back at work at my old job. Then this weekend I’m pitching rock to help out a friend’s company – he does stonework on houses.

Basically, there’s no rest at all for me! Back to classes with Orientation next Tuesday and then diving headfirst back into life at the University. There’s so much to look forward to in the first couple weeks! Here’s a brief (brief because even after three full years, there’s still things that go on that I know nothing about!) overview of things to definitely look out for!

Fresh fest is the party of the year! You can meet new people, catch up with old friends and have an everlovin’ ball at this event, put on by a team of dedicated students and of course, our ULSU. According to Facebook, there’ll be a luau, an outdoor movie, BBQs, lemon themed events and a music concert with two stages and several bands! This is all going down starting September 9, so purchase your tickets and I will be seeing you there!

2.    Rush week September 13-17
Going to a new University is hard, especially if you don’t know anyone or if you’re moving away from your hometown. The easiest and most fun way to get involved on campus and meet new people – fast – is to join one of the U of L’s super awesome clubs! The U has over 60 different clubs, ranging from the Management Student’s Society and the Rotaract Club to more specific clubs, like the Fire Spinning Club and the Head Bangers’ Society. And don’t forget the Surf Club! That’s right, friends. We have a Surf Club in Lethbridge. As well, if the whole sorority/fraternity idea appeals to you, we have both! Kappa Sigma, an international fraternity, has a chapter at the U of L, and you can learn more here. Delta Eta Iota is a local sorority, started here at the U of L. Be sure to check out all the club tables in the atrium, floor 6 of UHall!

3.    The IVCF booksale.
An alternative to buying your books at the bookstore is to wait about a week or so and buy them used through this great booksale! Returning and past students can sell their books here and set their own prices, which is much easier than trying to post flyers around the University. For those who aren’t keen on waiting for the booksale to come around, the University bookstore will be open the entire week heading into classes, so you can grab all your books, pencils, paper and U of L gear to start September off right!

So keep an eye out for these great campus events! I’ll do my best to keep you posted on what you shouldn’t miss in the first couple weeks and I’ll fill you in on how much fun I’m having being back in classes!!

– Bri

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