Summer 2010 is Winding Down…

OH MY GOODNESS!! It’s August already! I can’t wait for school to start! Do I sound like a huge keener? It’s because I am, a little bit. I’m so excited for school to start and for Ed Orientation and to move back to Lethbridge and see my amazing roomies every day again! I’m also excited to leave Manitoba. I’ve been on the road for just over three weeks so far, and it’s 11 sleeps until I get back to High River!

For anyone who might be new to Lethbridge, or for those people who just don’t live there year-round, the September long weekend is crazy. West Lethbridge goes from a slow, quiet community to a thriving student town. Suddenly the University Drive/Columbia Boulevard intersection is packed all the time, the grocery stores are full of parents trying desperately to stock pantries and fridges and the campus is filled with people trying to sort things out, buy books, meet up or just find their way around. Everything is alive and exciting after a sleepy summer.

I went shopping in Winnipeg today and bought myself some “teacher” clothes. This whole Ed thing is really hitting my wallet harder than it should. But I suppose it’s okay, since food, gas and hotels are all on DeWalt!

So I thought I’d elaborate on my awesome job, and why I’ve been traveling all summer. I’m an Event Marketing Representative for DeWalt, which is a company that manufactures industrial-grade power tools. I got the job at the beginning of May, and they flew me out to Toronto for a week of training mid-May. I drive a big yellow Silverado and the three of us on Team Prairies travel from Fort St. John, BC to Winnipeg, MB and sell DeWalt tools on every stop along the way. We go to different locations every day and  set up the BFT, which is a huge truck with two fold-out stages. We also run the Ultimate Cordless Challenge, which tests how fast challengers can drive 5 drywall screws into a wooden plank using our DCD970 drill.

We have to take photos from each event to email to our head office, which is located in Toronto. So these are some from our summer, so you can get a taste for the job I’m loving!

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