So I had my Orientation last Thursday, in my grade three class. It was so exciting and so much fun!
The staff was friendly and inviting, and at lunch in the staff room, they invited both myself and the other student teacher to feel free to come out and observe any classes we want, in any section of the school (which is a K-12).
In PSI, student teachers are expected to do a third teaching, a third planning and a third observing. My Teacher Associate (TA) is really supportive and easy to approach. She told me I can teach any subjects I want, rearrange the classroom however I want, try any new things I want! I cannot wait to start on November 15, back in the classroom.

I’ll be teaching a science unit, Testing Materials and Designs, and a social unit about exploring the Ukraine. Those things I’ll be able to start as soon as I get in the classroom, so I have a LOT of planning to do. It will be good though, I’m looking forward to it. As for math, which is the one subject I absolutely love above all others – even social – she said I can jump in at any point and try math lessons or English lessons or some health and PE related things. I’m glad to have someone so supportive of my professional growth!

Otherwise, things are crazy!! This week I have an assignment due in every class (and I have six classes) plus two due on Friday when I don’t even have school! But next week is my last full week, and then I’m done November 9 at 4 p.m. Going home to see my family that weekend, for the first time since August!!

On a non-related note: GO HORNS!! Fifth consecutive national championship in Women’s Rugby. What a bunch of winners!! 🙂

Tonight is Trick or Eats with the campus Rotaract Club! We’ll be collecting food donations for the local food bank by heading door-to-door on the West Side. If you see us, please feel free to donate! And we’ll have a club table set up this week, so you can drop us off some non-perishable food at your leisure!


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