When the Ghosts Come Out

So this wonderful Halloween weekend, I was lucky enough to be co-hosting the world’s most epic party. I’m allowed to say that without tooting my own horn, because I use the term “co-hosting” in the loosest way possible.

My amazing friend Chris has a tradition of holding epic Halloween parties, but he wasn’t going to have one this year because his apartment was too small. So I volunteered my little townhouse for his use. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

Here’s how I knew the party was going to be epic. Chris comes over with six Rubbermaid tubs full of decorations and asks, “Is anyone allergic to smoke? Because I have a smoke machine…” Oh, yes. And that was only the start. There was a six foot tall, inflatable glowing pumpkin statue at my door. There were garlands and streamers and orange lights all over. There were cobwebs strewn over our bookshelves and evil things with glowing eyes hanging from the walls. Our home looked creepier than I ever thought possible.

Then… there were the games. This is Chris’ 16th annual party, and to say he’s an expert is a massive understatement. There was pumpkin carving, egg tossing, bobbing for apples (and I’ll tell you, I don’t remember the water being so cold when I was 7), Name That Tune and a DnD-esque game, where your individual character had the power to steal points or get up to other trickery. It was ridiculous amounts of fun. Everyone was laughing and talking and getting eggs splattered on them… oh wait, that was only one guy.

As for costumes, some of the more notable ones included: a Boy Scout, Rosie the Riveter (she’s the girl from those American WWII posters who says, “We Can Do It!”), the Mad Hatter, some paper bag princesses, Vince from Slap Chop – complete with examples – Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, the lottery, some grapes, a tomato, a bubble bath, Elmer’s glue and the girl from Avatar (painted entirely blue). Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I had so much fun doing it! It was great to take a night off and just enjoy everyone’s company.


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