fresh start.

Well, I’m back! For another year! I was fortunate enough to be re-signed on to blog for the U, and I really am just thrilled. I’m representing the Education faculty, even though I’m not taking any professional semesters this year. I do have some big plans, though! This year’s goal: blog once a week (like I’m supposed to)!

This past semester was really rough. I had a really hard time with my PSII, and I decided to finish my degree in 6 years instead of 5, and receive a 40-course Bachelor of Arts instead of a 30 course combined degree. That’s all pretty technical, especially if you’re just starting to look into what you’ll be taking at the U, so basically it means that I’ll have a full 4 year degree and I’ll be eligible for grad school. That’s right, I’m interested in two more years of school after the six I’ll spend here. It’s a lot to think about.

But this summer! I’m excited to be a part of Jump The Line 2011, which is happening June 10. I’ll be paired with a new student touring campus and I’ll be videotaping the experience and hanging out and making friends and doing the activities… should be an awesome time! I really can’t wait! And then that weekend, I have a wedding. I’m so excited, it’s the cutest bride and groom ever, so we’ll have just a blast. And then! The Royal Tyrell Museum. Yup. This cowgirl is spending a whoooole day in Drumheller, climbing hoodoos and looking at old bones and taking a zillion pictures. Very exciting!!

Anyway, this is a great start on my whole “blog more frequently” goal. Can’t wait for these next couple weeks! Talk soon!


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