Jump the Line 2011!

There are some very important things happening this week! Very busy, very exciting.

First: my birthday! Happy birthday to meeeee TODAY. I have an exam and then I work 10 hours. So should be a good day, haha. But hopefully Thursday I can go for wings or white chocolate brownies.

Second: My boyfriend’s brother’s wedding is on Saturday, and the rehearsal dinner is on Friday. I’m really excited. He and his fiance are just the most wonderful people and their wedding is going to be a blast. Can’t wait for the whole family to be there.

Third: JUMP THE LINE 2011!!

You can find all the information on the ULeth Recruitment website here: https://discover.ulethbridge.ca/events/jumptheline.ezc. Jump the Line is our June event for all you new students!  It’s a whirlwind event that includes a brief introduction to campus, campus life, and some awesome U of L mentor students like yours truly. You’ll get a tour of campus, which is really helpful even though we have a nice, small campus and you’ll get your ID card and beat the September lines. These are some things you can get out of the way before the summer, leaving you more relaxed when September rolls around! You also get to try Sodexo’s campus foods, which is nice because if you live in Res your first year, you’ll be eating a lot of Sodexo, so you might as well find out now what they offer! There are also some great keynote speakers – this year one is delivered by Eric Hawthorne, former blogger.

You’re really in for a treat. Jump the Line is a great way to get a head start on all those things that will make your September a bit crazy (even though crazy can be fun!) and leave you to kick back and get your game face on for New Student Orientation and Fresh Fest. So I hope to see you out there! I’ll be wandering around with my video camera, taking clips and meeting you wonderful new U of L students as I welcome you to the beautiful campus that has been my home for the past four years. I know you’ll love this place like I do if you give it a shot and get involved!

See you Friday!


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