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Well, I was going to preview the Fresh U Jamboree, but amazingly, it’s over already! Where did the time go?! I heard it was unbelievable, that the music was great, the crowd was having fun and that the weather cooperated to make for an unforgettable weekend! I’ll have to read more about it from Basia and Braden, as I missed out on all the fun to spend my weekend in Calgary. I had fun though, it was a birthday party for a friend of mine and it was a pretty quiet night spent with some great people.

As far as school goes, here we are! We’re a week in… how’s everyone feeling?! I thought I’d have the usual couple of weeks to ease into this semester, but it turns out my professors had other plans. I already have a paper due September 20! That’s next Tuesday!! I can’t even believe it. Luckily, I work night shifts while I’m in school, so that means I have 8 full hours every night to do nothing but schoolwork. In theory, at least. In practice it never works out that neatly.

Some great things are going on that I’ve already seen, not the least of which is Rush Week! I love Rush Week. I love getting to see all the diverse interests and passions that students have at the University of Lethbridge. People will try to tell you that students here are apathetic – don’t believe that for a second. You don’t have to look any further than the atrium to see that the exact opposite is true!! So take a gander if you haven’t already. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Maybe all the groups aren’t for you, but if you don’t poke around, you’ll never know. And don’t be shy – I personally guarantee that the person sitting at the rush table you’re approaching is genuinely thrilled to talk to you and explain why you should join up! Keep and open mind as well, and remember that no clubs on campus are exclusive. You don’t have to be First Nations’, Metis, or Inuit (FNMI) to join the FNMI club, you don’t have to be LGBT to work with the PRIDE Centre and you don’t have to be female to get involved with the Women’s Centre! I know that all those organizations welcome (and crave!) diversity, so ask questions!

And, as always, I’ll end with my shameless plug for Rotaract, a service and humanitarian organization on campus that is affiliated with Rotary International. The club mandate is “Service Above Self” and there are lots of volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved. We usually run with about 60 active members, so it’s also a great way to meet people on campus!

Happy Rushing!!

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