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So I already told you all about what you can find close to home, right on the West Side. But how about if you’re looking for someplace you can dance? Well don’t worry, because Lethbridge has no shortage of places to shake your groove thing! (Except don’t shake your groove thing, because this isn’t 1978… I know my expressions are dated. I’m aware. I’m just tired, and a little bit lame. Forgive me.)


On Thursday night, there’s only one place to go: Studio! (Also known as “Studi-noooo” and much more uncommonly known as “Studi-YES.”) Studio has $2.75 “whatever you like” on Thursdays, and that’s the only place in town that gets any club attendance. You can try to head to another pub, but I’ll tell you right now: on Thursdays, people only ever go to Studio, to get their dance on, at least. So if you’re looking for the Thursday night hot spot, take a cab downtown to “Stuuudz” (yes, people call it that. I don’t. But people do. Really!)


On Friday, you have more options. People tend to go to the other three clubs: Essie’s, Pulse and Boss Hogs. But only Essie’s does Ryeday Friday, so I’ll showcase Essie’s. Esmeralda’s is half country, half top 40. The dance floor is raised in the middle of the bar and the whole place has a definite country-western feel. There are lots of tables to sit at, some pool tables and arcade games in the back (and I want to say a VLT, but I can’t remember for sure) and of course, bar stool around the dance floor. I love Essie’s. Everyone who goes out is just looking to have a nice time. There are rarely any incidents or any fights, just some two-stepping and good clean fun. Essie’s also does a great Monday night, where they always give away tons of prizes and have great specials!


You have two options on Saturdays. See if you can spot which one I love and which one I can’t stand.

Pulse is the resident Top 40 bar, full of popped collars and bedazzled male t-shirts. If you’re from Calgary and are into the Top 40 dance music, this is your club. I went to Mansion in Calgary once, and it was like Pulse on steroids. If that’s your thing, do it up! Pulse has a light-up dance floor and about four bars. You don’t have to wait too long for a drink (tip: go to the bar way at the back, past the washrooms), which is nice. There are a couple tables, but the dance floor is the big hit. This bar used to be the Roadhouse when I first came to Lethy, but with some renovations and some new owners, it’s looking much better.

The other bar, which is conveniently located right down the street about 30 seconds, is called Boss Hogs. Boss Hogs is nothing but country all night long. People don’t dress up or act stuck up, they just come out to enjoy some cold ones and some great dancing tunes! If you’re looking to have a calm, relaxing night and dance your socks off, Boss Hogs is the place for you. There are always men looking for two step partners and ladies waiting to be asked, so you’re guaranteed to get out on the dance floor. This place isn’t for slinky dresses or Lacoste polos, though. It’s definitely a blue jeans kind of establishment. Extra points for the belt buckle!

Honourable Mention:

The Honourable Mention goes to Soundgarden, which is right across the street from Pulse and Boss Hogs. I’ve never been there because it’s a 21 and over club, and I was too young for a very long time, so I haven’t been there yet. Maybe I’ll review it when I have time!

Enjoy your weekends out and about, or at home, but remember to be safe and if you enjoy a cold cocktail or two, always call a cab and get home safely!! (I don’t recommend the Whoop Up Challenge, but it’s better than driving yourself!)


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